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Uudenmaan Vetokoiraurheilijat arranges the final race of 2017 in Hango, Finland on November 4th, 2017. The race location is the army training area of Syndalen.

The race is an official IFSS World Cup-event.

The race adheres to the rules and regulations of the International Federation of Sleddog Sports and Finnish Sleddog Sports Federation.

The race judge is Kari Tolkkila.

The race director is Ari Rastas, phone +358 50-587 4150.

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Final results

Online results

Race info for competitors (only in Finnish)

Start list


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Classes and fees


Year of birth


Race day

Race fee

Canicross women / men (DCW / DCM)

1918 – 1999

5,3 km SAT

20 €

1-dog scooter (DS1)

1918 – 1999

5,3 km SAT

25 €

8-dog cart (DR8)

1918 – 1999

5,3 km SAT

30 €

4-dog cart (DR4)

1918 – 1999

5,3 km SAT

30 €

4-dog cart, jr. (DR4J)

2000 – 2004

5,3 km SAT

30 €

Bikejoring women/men  (DBW / DBM)

1918 – 2004

5,3 km SAT

25 €

Registering for the Race

Registration opens on 3rd of October and closes on 22nd of October. However, for non-Finnish participants, the registration closes on 6th of October due to military security process requirements.


Registration Form

Race Schedule

– registration 8:00 – 9:45
– musher meeting / track description 9:00
– 1. start 10:01

You can walk on track with a dog by walking or without dog by a bicycle or a kickbike as long as you are off the track before 10 o’clock. The track is marked on friday night.

Award ceremony will be helt after all classes.

Race route

The route is a good quality dirt road. The profile is quite even, with very little elevation changes.


Each participant is required to carry a valid license. One time licenses are available for a fee of 10€, to be paid along with the registration fee.

If the participant wishes to be included in IFSS World Cup standings and qualify for points therein, a valid DID license is required.


Race Center

Race Center is located in Syndalen army training area near Hango, Finland (approx 100 km from Helsinki). Signposts will guide the participants to the center, starting from this address: Tvärminnentie 635, Hanko.


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